Physical exercise recipe

The FITT - VP principle.

  • F – frequency (times per week)
  • I – intensity (based on zones and thresholds)
  • T – time (duration of exercise)
  • T – type (chosen activity)
  • V – volume (Frequency + Intensity + time)
  • P – progression (Adapting of the recipe over time)

A holistic approach to exercise

The total volume of a recipe is a carefully balanced combination of its parts, based on physical tolerance, goal and life situation. All parts must be considered for an effective and sustainable recipe. A holistic and individual approach is essential. Read more about individual testing for exercise.

Individual tolerance

By objective testing, the exercise tolerance, reaction, zones and thresholds are set. Zones and thresholds are used to set the individual scale of intensity and exercise tolerance for limits and risk assessment. Read more about risk assessment. Individual intensity thresholds are a cornerstone in the exercise recipe. Read more about dose-response.

Testing in Paliesius clinic

Diagnose considerations

Different diagnoses have different dose-response relationships between exercise and health outcome. Diagnose considerations are important when setting the recipe aim. Diagnose considerations are vital in treatment with physical exercise. Read more about dosage-response.

Individual perquisites

The type of activity is chosen to enable exercise according to prescribed intensity but it’s also very much influenced by individual interest, experience and environmental possibilities. The recipe is adapted to your life situation. Read more about individual testing

Keeping the recipe up to date

Over time the recipe is adapted to your situation. With increased health and fitness, the tolerance and intensity might change. The recipe is always up to date for the best effect. When you gain health, the recipe will follow.


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