Long-term symptoms after COVID-19


COVID-19 residual effects:  adverse long-term changes in lung, heart, brain and vascular systems.


  • Health assessment and physical fitness (CPET) testing with the latest equipment in Vilnius, Paliesius clinic
  • Medical team supervision around the clock in Paliesius manor, Ignalina district.
  • Accommodation in Paliesius manor apartments
  • Healthy and balanced food in Paliesius restaurant, tailored personally for you
  • Exercise prescription and benefits of individually dosed exercise
  • Regular monitoring of your health after the program

Benefits of individualized and dosed exercise

Complex applied dosed exercise activates the natural powers of your body. Science has shown that over 30 different diseases, both physical and mental, can be prevented and successfully treated with exercise. More about the applied methodology of Paliesius Clinic.

Individual dosed physical activity under the supervision of doctors and physiotherapists will have a positive effect on your heart, lungs, blood vessels, muscles, immune, nervous system, as well as other organs and functions in the body. The effectiveness of the COVID-19 recovery program is measured by continuous assessment of the patients’ condition. Depending on what symptoms you are experiencing, heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, lung function, and so on may be monitored. Measurements are taken both at rest and during exercise. For example, lung function is assessed at rest by a spirometry test. This test measures the maximum amount of air that can enter the lungs after maximal inhalation (Forced vital capacity), air flow rate (Peak expiratory flow), etc. respiratory function indicators. During exercise, a cardiopulmonary exercise test assesses heart and lung function at the same time, as well as physical capacity, and using the Body Guardian system, we can monitor your heart function remotely both at rest and during exercise. The program uses only science-based methods to achieve the best results .

How is the efficiency and safety of rehabilitation ensured?

  • Clinical staff and physicians wear personal protective equipment during all procedures.
  • During the clinical program, we stay at Paliesius manor, which has a limited number of personal contacts.
  • We always follow all possible safeguards for your safety.

The program is available to anyone who has contracted COVID-19 and
experiences residual events, such as:

  • breathing issues
  • chest pain
  • decreased endurance during physical activity
  • headache and dizziness
  • anxiety
  • fatigue
  • attention, concentration, sleep and other disorders.

The perfect environment for the best results

An individual 6-day program to overcome the consequences of COVID-19 takes place in Paliesius manor, where unique natural beauty, tranquility, high-class apartments for lodging, food prepared with love and professional attention to every visitor await you.

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