Living with Multiple Sclerosis!

"Have you ever thought that health also requires learning?"

I never did. I never thought too much about how to live, how to take care of myself, I lived like everyone else and it seemed self-evident. Until one day I woke up and… could not get out of bed – my legs were numb, difficult to control. After many questions, anxiety and tests, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the time, I had no idea what to expect, what to do, I was afraid of the unknown and what I might have to experience.

Not long after, after another manifestation of the disease, I was prescribed medication. Fortunately, the treatment was effective and the disease was halted. In addition to medical treatment, I became interested in a healthy lifestyle – changing my diet, exercising more. For a while, everything became stable, but later I started to feel tired, I became apathetic. I did some research and it turned out that my hormonal system was disrupted, and I also found another autoimmune disease – thyroiditis. Then I realized that it is still much to learn and that sometimes, what you think is right is not correct! – these questions brought me here – to Paliesius Clinic.

Paliesius clinic program moments

I have been an active child since childhood, I enjoyed running, climbing, so I was no stranger to physical activity, I enjoyed it, but I never thought it could be used in a dosed and purposeful way as medication. When I came to the clinic, I was examined and physically assessed – I learned my thresholds and limits, when the load was right and when it was too high. After the testing, I went to Paliesius manor for a week – to try out the individual physical exercise recipe and nutrition program created for me under doctors’ supervision.


Throughout the week, I was observed by doctors who continuously adapted the program and took into account my well-being as well as objective measurements. During this week I gained a lot of knowledge, got to know my body better, understood what kind of training and exercise is right for me, how to eat and how much to rest. Would anyone have thought that a small woman may need to eat as much as an adult working man? And the fatigue I experience is not the result of my illness at all, but of an unbalanced lifestyle and not enough calories?

The program at Paliesius Clinic did not stop my illness, it probably did not affect it in any way, but it gave me the tools and knowledge that allow me to help myself feel better, stronger, more fulfilling. Anxiety was replaced by knowledge, and fear by physical exertion, motivation, and faith.

A big thank you to the team that sincerely takes care of their patients. Also to Paliesius manor, where you can escape everyday life – whether you come here for a treatment program or just to enjoy the environment and food.

How do I keep up after the program? I continue to learn. Keep in mind that health requires learning!

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