Living with Multiple Sclerosis

One day I woke up and… could not get out of bed

“Have you ever thought that health also requires learning?”

I never did. I never thought too much about how to live, how to take care of myself, I lived like everyone else and it seemed self-evident. Until one day I woke up and… could not get out of bed – my legs were numb, difficult to control. After many questions, anxiety and tests, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. At the time, I had no idea what to expect, what to do, I was afraid of the unknown and what I might have to experience.

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Thanks to my work at the Paliesius clinic, where we work with medical treatment through individualized physical activity, I was able to quickly get an individualized prescription for physical exercise from our doctor based on my body’s reaction to physical exertion. 

My recipe gave me the intensity zone where I could get the health effects of exercise but reduce the risk of complications.

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From high to low cardiovascular risk in 12 months

Anna came to Paliesius clinic to increase her health and also get help to change her life in a positive way. Anna wanted to find a way to increase her health in a lasting way. 

The health examination and testing showed increased blood pressure (145/95 mm Hg), high resting heart-rate (92 b/min) and obesity (164 cm tall and a weight of 99,7kg), resulting in a high cardiovascular risk.

Anna was prescribed exercise on recipe, which was followed for 12 months and continually modified according to her changing health and fitness.

After 12 months, Anna had normal blood pressure of 120/70 mmHg, normal resting heart rate of 70 b/min, and lost 27,6 kg of weight, which resulted in a low cardiovascular risk.

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“Every time I trained, I was scared of getting a heart attack. I was worried every time.”  

Hakan is 65 years old and has a competitive background in orienteering. Hakan got a negative health reaction after a competition causing an unpleasant feeling during exercise. 

Hakan wanted to feel safe during exercise and competitions. After his negative health reaction, he was worried about his health when he exercised.

The goal of the testing was to examine if there were any health or life-threatening signs but a program was also formed to reduce the risk of future negative health reactions from exercise.

“I got a safe zone to exercise in where my stamina is increased but also affect my health in a positive way. And I also learned about the upper heart rate limit, at which I don’t get any positive effects from exercise and only cause stress for my body.”

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“I was worried about my health during exercise. It turned out that I have arterial hypertension and my blood pressure rises too much during exercise. This damaged my blood vessels and put me at risk for a heart attack. I am glad that with the help of the specialists of Paliesius Clinic, my blood pressure has returned to normal and I can live without medication with regular dosed physical activity ” (Gabrielius, cyclist from Lithuania)

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