12 week weight loss program (desktop)
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12-week weight loss plan!

During one all-inclusive week at Paliesius manor, we start your journey to lose weight, followed by 11 weeks of support and follow-up. The plan is composed of medically Individualized and prescribed physical activity and diet change for safe weight loss.

A 12-week program for healthy and sustainable weight loss with strategies and support based on your needs. During the 12 weeks, we give you the tools and support for a positive result.

Individualized exercise program to lose weight according to your body’s response and your situation, for a safe and effective weight loss and health gain.

Active and healthy lifestyle adapted to your situation. A healthy weight loss that fits into your daily life.

Diet plan according to your body´s reaction to food and exercise. During the first week, we monitor your body´s reaction to exercise and the food you are eating for a healthy and sustainable balance.

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